Gift Bag Ideas for Men

Lotions, perfumes, stationery and chocolate are classic favorites inside gift bags for women. Gift bags are popular for holidays and parties; however, it seems that creating a gift bag that men will enjoy can be a challenge. Fortunately, the pesky problem of finding a good gift for a male gift bag is solved with the following ideas. Creating a gift bag for a man can be simple and should revolve around things that many men like.

Grillin’ Gift Bag

A grillin’ gift bag is filled with goodies meant to be used for grilling. Start with a clear gift bag and add a bottle of barbecue sauce. Unique barbecue sauce can be found at specialty food stores. Next add one or two packets of dry meat rub. Other things to add to the grillin’ gift bag include a pair of tongs, a mini grilling cookbook, corn cob holders and a silicone brush.

Beer Gift Bag

A beer gift bag begins with a clear gift bag, colorful tissue paper, and three or four unique micro-brew beers. Micro-brew beers can be purchased at most supermarkets or specialty food stores. An interesting bottle opener and book on beer history complete this gift bag.

Fun in the Sun Gift Bag

This gift bag starts with a clear gift bag with a folded beach towel on the bottom. Next add a small bottle of sunscreen and an un-inflated beach ball. This bag can be finished off with a pair of sunglasses; goofy sunglasses would give the gift bag extra spice.

Things to Remember

Gift bags are meant to revolve around a theme, so choose a theme that has many gift opportunities. You do not have to spend a lot of money to create a cute gift bag. Shopping at dollar stores may help you fill your bags with small items that give it the final touch.