How to Garnish Spaghetti

George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images

A garnish easily elevates the appearance of a simple dish, such as spaghetti. Whether you’re making a classic spaghetti with marinara sauce or topping your noodles with an Alfredo or white wine sauce, the right garnish can tantalize the eye -- and your appetite. Let creativity be your guide, and use fresh herbs or grated cheeses to make your spaghetti dish pop.

Splendid Spaghetti Garnishes

The vibrant green leaves of fresh herbs, such as basil leaves, add a lovely pop of color to pasta dishes. Save some of the fresh herbs you used in your sauce to garnish the finished product. Wait to garnish the dish right before serving so the herbs don't wilt. Grated cheese, such as Parmesan, is a natural topper for a plate of spaghetti. Grate your own or choose already shredded options at the grocery store. Slice a cherry tomato into halves and arrange it creatively atop the dish, or sprinkle on a few thinly sliced black olives to add visual interest, texture and flavor.