Funny Pranks to Pull at a Sleepover

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Good-natured pranks are an integral part of a fun sleepover, even if you wind up a victim. Whether you go with classics like the feather-and-shaving cream trick or make up your own modern pranks, your sleepover can be even more entertaining and memorable if you're up for making -- or taking -- a joke.

Phone Pranks

Go to a prank-calling website and enter the victim's number. When he answers, he'll be greeted by any one of many personalities; for example, an angry boyfriend convinced the victim is cheating with his girlfriend, or a "hot" next-door neighbor. The intended victim doesn't have to be at the sleepover for you to pull a phone prank. You can also purchase a disposable phone before the sleepover and not tell anyone about it. With your guests, choose a victim and and a personality and begin texting a mutual friend or acquaintance. Try to entice the victim to meet the mysterious texter somewhere and take turns making up funny texts to send.

Bed & Bath Pranks

Sprinkle salt in the victim's sleeping bag or bed -- if she has white sheets, it will be easier to avoid detection. Everyone pretend to go to sleep and try not to laugh as she tosses and turns from the unbearable itching. Or, give your victim a "bloody" shower. Unscrew the shower head in your home's darkest bathroom. If you've watched a horror movie earlier or there is bad weather, this prank can be particularly effective. Fill the shower head with red juice powder, such as Kool-Aid. When she turns on the shower, she'll be shocked at what looks like blood coming out.

Sleeping Pranks

Buy an adhesive mustache from a costume supply store. Pick a heavy sleeper for your victim. When he goes to sleep, attach the mustache to his upper lip. In the morning, pretend as if nothing is different. When he looks in the mirror, everyone will have a laugh at his reaction. If you're good friends with the victim and he is very good-humored, you can really freak him out with brown icing. Once he goes to sleep, pull back the waistband on the back of his shorts and squirt the icing inside. When he wakes up in the morning, he'll wonder whether he really had an "accident!"

Other Pranks

Before the sleepover, tell all the guests to wear a costume. Pick an elaborate or racy theme, such as "naughty" doctors or nurses. Encourage guests to really go all-out on their costumes. After you tell everyone the plan, call back everyone but one guest and tell them that you're pranking her and they shouldn't wear a costume at all. When everyone shows up in normal dress and the victim is dressed like a tart, you'll all get a good laugh. Or, pick a neighbor that you know reasonably well. Knock on her door and ask to borrow a cup of sugar. A few minutes later, have another guest knock and ask for eggs. Let everyone take a turn asking to borrow something and watch the neighbor's face getting more and more strained. When you see that she's had enough, let her in on the joke. Remember to return all her things!