Foam Party Ideas

orange foam image by Sergey Tokarev from

At foam parties, guests have the opportunity to submerge themselves in sudsy foam and socialize amongst the bubbles. While all foam parties contain the thematically requisite element of foam, that is often where the similarities end. There is an assortment of things you can do to make your foam party exciting and allow guests to thoroughly enjoy their foamy experience.

Foamy Inflatables

Instead of simply filling a room or outdoor space with foam, use your foam machine to foam up an inflatable. Purchase or rent a moon bounce, large slide or huge inflatable pool. Rig the machine so that the foam it produces cascades into or down these inflatables. This practice will make these common party additions even more enjoyable. If renting your inflatables, explain your plan to the rental company before proceeding, to ensure that you are not charged an extra fee as a result of sudsing up the equipment.

Glowing Accessories

As your party space fills with foam, it becomes quite easy to lose partiers. Ensure that all of your party guests remain visible by arming them with glowing accessories. Purchase glow sticks, glowing necklaces or glow bracelets. Give these to guests upon arrival and encourage them to keep them on their person to increase their visibility in the dark, foamy space.

White and Silver Attire

Ask your guests to adopt attire that echos the hues of the foam to create an aesthetically pleasing look. Instruct guests to come dressed only in white and silver. As your properly clad guests dance around in the foam, their attire will make them appear to be just an extension of the foamy surroundings.

Foam Photo Op

While foam parties do make for great photos, many guests do not bring cameras, as these electronics do not get along well with moisture. Ensure that your foam party guests get an image of themselves living it up in the foam by setting up a foam party photo-op station. Hire a photographer, or elect a friend, to capture images of couples covered head to toe in foam. Once guests get foamed, they can head over to the photo station and pose for their pics.

Foamy Brews

Prepare a menu of drinks that match the foamy nature of your party as a whole. Select an assortment of foamy beers to grace your bar menu. For a fancier option, prepare fruity drinks topped with whipped cream to ensure that the concoction fits in with the foam theme.