How to Find If You Are Eligible for Traffic School

Traffic school can help remove points from your license that both raise your car insurance rates and bring you closer to losing your license. Find out if you are eligible for traffic school before it is too late.

Find out if traffic school is an option in your state. Many states have traffic school but some don't. Going to traffic school can help erase points off your license or even make a speeding ticket disappear, but only if it is available in your state. Call your state department of motor vehicles or visit their online website.

Determine how long it has been since you have been to traffic school. If you have been to traffic school for another violation, you may not be eligible to go again unless the appropriate time has passed. Some states only allow you to go every 18 months or so.

Ask the judge. If you go to court on a violation, you can ask the judge or someone in his office if traffic school is an option. Sometimes a judge will be open to negotiations of this sort if you are a first time offender or if this ticket will cause you excessive hardships.

See if you can take traffic school on the Internet. Many states have Internet traffic school. which is making it even more convenient and popular for judges to make traffic school an option. If your state allows Internet traffic school, be sure to mention it to the judge.