Farewell Party Invitation Ideas

goodbye image by Aleksandr Lobanov from Fotolia.com

Although store-bought farewell party invitations are available, a little time and effort can create homemade invitations that not only provide the party information, but a keepsake that reflects the departing friend as well. With some desktop publishing know-how and digital photographs you can create unique party invitations for your farewell party.

Photo Montage

A traditional farewell party invitation idea uses photos of the guest of honor on the card front. Those who are computer savvy and familiar with desktop publishing software can take photos of their friend or family member and "paste" them in various angles to create a photo collage card front.

For example, Mac users who use Print Explosion can open a card template and drag and drop digital images of their friend onto the card front. Grab the "handles" at the sides of the picture to angle or re-size it. Add text by creating a text box and typing in the invitation information.

Microsoft Word or Publisher users will use a card template and then go to Insert, Graphic, From File to browse for their digital images. Click OK to select and insert the photos and drag the image to move it or resize it. Text such as "Join us in saying goodbye," or "Away (s)he goes..." should go on the card front as well. Party information will take its traditional place on the interior of the invitation.

Leaving a Job

For farewell parties for co-workers, you can use a variety of images to tell the "moving on" story. Take a picture of a cluttered desk, boxed-up belongings or mimic a memo template to use as your invitation. Find images on stock photo websites (see resources below) or take them yourself.

A more personal option is to take photos of the guest of honor at work, and highlight some of his quirky work traits, such as his cubicle decoration theme, coffee cups for a heavy caffeine drinker or a picture of bags of his favorite desktop snack. The more specific your images are to the co-worker, the more unique your invitation will be. Carry the theme of your invitation into your party by asking people to give the guest of honor gourmet coffee or bags of his favorite candy.

Leaving Town

For the guest of honor who is moving away, a farewell invitation can incorporate something about the person's new destination. For example, if the person is moving to Denver, use a mountain scene and write something about the person "climbing new mountains." Do a photo search online for images of her new home town, or use a traditional image (either photo or clip art) of a car loaded with belongings or an airplane.

If your guest of honor is a military man or woman on their way to active duty, pay them respect by using a photo of them in their uniform for the cover of your invitation. You can also use traditional military service insignias and icons as well to further carry your theme.