Famous Gangster Hats

The gangster hat is a fashion statement that identifies the wearer as being bold, cool, fashionable, sophisticated and perhaps a little mysterious and dangerous. Although this style of hat was the sign of corrupt men in the past, today it signifies finesse in a classical item of men's wear that has turned trendy. It used to be that only men wore fedora and trilby hats. However, today it's a fashion statement for both sexes.

The Hats of Gangsters

Today, everyone in the hip-hop world wants to be "gangsta" in their modern-day clothes and hats. However, gangster hats are nothing new. This particular style of hat for men, also called the "Godfather" hat, was worn during the 1930s. Though this style of hat is associated with well-known mobsters such as Carlo Gambino and Al Capone, the fedora and homberg gangster hats of yesterday were still very stylish and popular in 2009.

The Distinguishing Factors

The gangster hats of today come in a wide variety of colors, though the typical colors worn in times past were black, brown and gray. Some of these hats sported a fashionable feather attached to one side. Others had a wide silk band going around the base of the hat. These hats had wide brims that could be turned down, and the trademark dent or crease at the top that was defining. The hat characterized the appearance of a man's suit and gave distinguishing appeal to the man who wore it.

Types of Gangster Hats

The gangster hat is nothing more than a soft felt fedora or a homburg. It can have a wide brim as in the days of Al Capone, or it can have a smaller brim, like Frank Sinatra's stylish fedora. A gangster hat can be in the fashion of a porkpie hat, which jazz musicians wear. It can also be a trilby hat like those by Michael Jackson in his music videos. All in all, the way a man wears his hat not only makes him look good, but it also gives him character and a defining presence.

The Gangster Image

When it comes to having a vintage gangster look to go along with the hat, clothing also plays a big part. Back in the day, the gangster hat was not worn with baggy pants and tennis shoes. You had to be decked out in a business suit or one that was tailor-made exclusively. Adding a long trench coat and tilting the hat to one side also gives the impression that you aren't to be messed with, especially if you walk into a room resembling the likes of Al Pacino in "Scarface" or "The Godfather."

Setting the Standards of Fashion

The gangster hat is an item that completes a man's wardrobe, especially when he wants to step out in fashion and with a sence of style. You do not wear the gangster hat today to symbolize that you are in some kind of organized crime outfit. Today, prominent people, both men and women, complement their outfits with this standout style of the past. You see this look on movie stars, dancers and singers when they are on stage or walking on the red carpet --icons and heroes setting the standard for fashion.