How to Express Your Love to Your Boyfriend

When it comes to expressing strong emotions, most girls have no trouble. They fume when they’re angry, they sob when they’re sad and they laugh when they’re humored. Perhaps the strongest emotion a woman will ever express is love. So why is that emotion often the hardest to express, share and show? It doesn’t have to be. Here you’ll learn steps to expressing your love to your boyfriend that will feel natural and provide you with a gratifying response.

Tell him you love him. If this is the first time you’re letting these emotions out of the bag, keep it simple. The more you think about what you should say and do, the more anxiety you will bring upon yourself. Instead, choose a moment when you both feel happy and say what’s on your mind. On the flip side, if you’re thinking about a white picket fence and future kids, you may want to hold back on that until a later date. Just keep it natural and stick to the basics of how you feel about him.

Show him how you feel. If your heart is beating a mile a minute during a quiet moment alone with him, then gently take his hand and show him. If your man is into romance, then go ahead and throw your heart into writing out that message of your love in a love letter. If he’s passionate about something, encourage it above and beyond anything he’d naturally expect. For example, plan a day doing his favorite things. What’s important is not just that he’ll like being shown your love, but that you’re comfortable in the form you show it to him.

Remember to play fair. All’s fair in love and war, right? Wrong. Love is about give and take. Compromise, honesty and equal self-sacrifice are key to a working relationship. There will be moments when you can't both win that fight, so get ready to admit when you were wrong. Share the TV remote. Take turns choosing Friday night movies. Play nice. Now, I’m not advising you always let him get his way, or vice versa. Instead, I’m suggesting you go out of your way to be fair and expect the same from him. This won’t always work, as it takes two to play that game, but if you’re understanding, express any negative feelings that arise and learn from past lessons, then this part of your love-filled relationship will get easier. Compromise takes a lot of effort. It’s that effort that will show your boyfriend how deep your emotions run.