Easy Stained Glass Christmas Patterns

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Stained glass can be a colorful way to decorate a house for Christmas. With materials easily available at local craft stores and online, anyone can decorate windows, mirrors or ornaments. Endless design options are available, from the simple to the intricate. Easy Christmas patterns make seasonal decorating simple and enjoyable. Look for designs without significant tiny details and with ample open space for only one color to fill to keep your creation simple. You can find patterns online, in stores or make them yourself for a one-of-a-kind decoration.

Determine Size and Shape

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It is important to consider where you are going to place the stained glass. The size and shape of where you will position the glass will determine the type of pattern that will work for the space. It can be hung directly on a window or a mirror, or it can be used to decorate ornaments or glass plates that can be used as sun catchers. Be sure your patterns match the shape of the glass. Do not buy a rectangular pattern for use on a round glass plate.

Where to Purchase

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Doing an online search for easy stained glass Christmas patterns can generate more than 800,000 hits with more than 350,000 images. Many patterns offered online are free. At Warner's stained glass and at find-stainedglasspatterns.com you can find a variety of free Christmas patterns available as well as many that are sold online for relatively inexpensive prices, depending on whether you are buying single designs or a collection of designs. Search several websites to find the patterns that suit you. Most sites that sell patterns often have at least a few free patterns. Local craft stores also carry stained glass supplies. Typically patterns found at stores will be sold in books with several patterns together. Craft stores also carry kits with all supplies sold together.

Design Your Own

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Making your own stained glass patterns helps display your creative side. Nearly anything can be used as a pattern. Try children’s Christmas coloring books for simple pattern ideas. The coloring books typically have large, easy-to-color pictures that translate well onto glass. Computer software may be used to help design. Clip art, either from your own software, a free online site, or purchased from a website, can be used as a pattern. Look for large designs without many intricate details. You can draw a picture, or resize a picture using a copy machine. Simply place it behind your glass and begin tracing.

Specific Pattern Suggestions

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Snowmen and Christmas tree shapes are simple to draw freehand, even for children. Ornaments are another easy pattern. Simply draw a circle or oval shape and color in as you wish. Stick with items that can be put together using basic shapes, such as circles and triangles. For example, a triangle with a square beneath it can be transformed into a Christmas tree by painting and adding small dashes of color as ornaments.

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