Easy Pranks to Pull on Friends at School

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You can have a little fun at school by pulling pranks on your friends. Though you should not play practical jokes during actual class time and you must be cautious of what you do so as not to violate school rules, a little kidding around can be acceptable.

Go See the Principal

One fast prank to pull on a friend involves getting to her desk or in the classroom before she does. Before going to school, type up a fake letter telling the student she must go see the principal as soon as she gets to school. Make sure to type up the letter and the envelope so that your friend doesn't suspect you, if she is likely to recognize your handwriting. Let your friend open the letter and process the information just for a few minutes. Before she actually leaves the room to go to the principal's office, let her in on the prank.

Crazy Dress Up Day

A prank that takes a little pre-planning the night before involves having your friend dress in something crazy for school. E-mail, text or even call your friend the night before school and tell him that the next day is a "dress silly" day. Be specific and try to sound concerned that you also forgot. Be specific with your instructions; you might say it's "mismatched clothing day," "silly hat day" or even "crazy hair day." When your friend gets to school, he'll be sure to notice that he is the only one dressed up.

Test Time

You can prank a friend in class by finding her first thing in the morning as soon as you get to school. Go up to your friend and start talking very fast that you heard a surprise test is in store for you both later in the day. Be specific and tell your friend which class the "test" is in. You can let your friend study and fret all day long with this prank, especially if you picked a class that falls toward the end of the school day.

Lunch Swap

Prank a friend who packs lunch by getting hold of his lunch and swapping out the items. Be careful with this prank, and make sure to store and protect the lunch you are swiping so your friend can eventually eat his planned lunch. When your friend is not looking, take his lunch out of its container and replace all items with foods you know your friend does not like. For example, replace your friend's bologna and cheese sandwich with a piece of liver and swap out an apple for a lemon. After your friend sits down for lunch and notices the fake lunch, you can give him back the real food.