Easy Appetizers for an Anniversary Shower

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Anniversary "showers" are a creative way to celebrate the anniversary of a long marriage. Many couples never replace the gifts they received when they first got married, and, with the help of curious children, the items become old and worn. Although the gifts and stories will be the highlight of the shower, feeding your guests is also important. Set out easy-to-make appetizers that will appeal to your adult guests and to their children as well.

Sweet Treats

Celebrate the sweethearts with some bite-sized sweet treats. Chocolate-dipped strawberries are easy and romantic. Alternate white chocolate with dark chocolate for more choices. Bake up some mini cupcakes and crown each one with a red candy heart. To save time, use a mix and bake them the night before. In the morning, simply frost and top with the hearts.

Healthy Choices

Parties are often an excuse for people to overindulge. Although a good anniversary shower will indeed offer a sweet treat or two, it's also important to have healthy options available. Stuffed mushrooms, marinated vegetables on whole-grain crackers, and even classic meatballs made with ground turkey and seasoned with dry ranch seasoning mix are tasty options that will satisfy your guests while they relive fond memories.

Traditional Fare

For a nostalgic touch, choose appetizers from the era in which the couple was married. A couple married in the 1970s, for example, might enjoy a chocolate or cheese fondue pot -- bonus points if you can find one in a retro style. Keep the pot out of reach of children, of course, and offer healthy options such as apples and strawberries along with sweeter fare. Layered jello squares are also a blast from the past, and are safe and easy enough for even your youngest guests to enjoy.


Keep the romance alive by adding a loving touch to your appetizers. Cut pieces of cheese, meat, jello and even sandwiches into heart shapes using a cookie cutter. A drop of red food coloring turns cream cheese pink, or simply use strawberry-flavored cream cheese. Spread the pink cheese on small, soft bagels and arrange them in the shape of a heart on a platter lined with doilies. Spoon fruit salad into pretty paper cups decorated with heart stickers, and serve tiny muffins in heart-patterned paper cupcake holders.