Easy Appetizer for a Retirement Party


A retirement party represents an ending and a new beginning. Perfect retirement party appetizers play to both of these aspects of the occasion, using food as a language to evoke emotions and tell stories. If you know a little about the retiree's past and dreams for the future, you can create party appetizers that are personalized and fitting. But putting plenty of thought into the food for a retirement party doesn't mean you have to spend all day cooking. Here are some simple menu ideas that you can adapt widely and creatively.

Dips and Dippers

You can make dips out of mayonnaise, sour cream, yogurt, soft cheeses such as cream cheese or anything else that's soft enough for you to mix in ingredients and flavorings. If the guest of honor is vegan or health conscious, use vegan mayo, tahini, pureed beans or a nut butter. Season dips with flavors that call to mind the retiree's history and heritage: for someone with an Italian background, use fresh basil and finely chopped dried tomatoes, and for someone with roots in India, use a flavorful curry paste. Alternatively, season dips to reflect the next phase of the retiree's journey, such as lemon and fresh dill for travel plans to Greece or chilies and cilantro if a trip to Mexico is on the horizon. Choose chips, vegetables or crackers that complement the dip, such as pita wedges to go with hummus.

Flavored Popcorn

Like dips, popcorn recipes are easily adaptable, making it easy for you to prepare a version suitable for a retirement party menu. Simply melt the butter and add flavorings that reflect the retiree's past or future before tossing the butter with the popcorn. You can also add seasonings such as Parmesan cheese or flavored breadcrumbs after you toss the butter and popcorn, but do so right away so they'll stick to the butter while it's still liquid. For a fun-loving retiree or someone fond of sweet comfort food, prepare a sticky caramel corn or a sweet and salty kettle corn. Crumbled bacon makes a fine popcorn accent as well. You can even toss the popcorn with some of the bacon fat for extra flavor.


Bruschetta are lightly toasted bread slices spread with just about anything you like. Slightly stale baguettes work well for this retirement party appetizer. Slice them thinly, brush the slices with olive oil, arrange them on a baking sheet and bake for about 5 minutes, until just crispy on the exterior. Again, use flavors and spreads that reflect the retiree's interests or achievements. Prosciutto with fresh mozzarella is ideal for someone planning to visit Italy, and a tuna pate would be fitting for someone intending to use upcoming leisure hours to go fishing.

Creative Cold Cuts

Cold cut platters can aspire much higher than the familiar tray of deli meats. There are cured meats options from many cultures, and you're bound to find at least one that's fitting for the retiree you're celebrating. Use Parma ham, prosciutto, or Jamon Iberico ham for a world traveler, halal beef salami for a observant Muslim retiree, and venison sausage to honor a hunter. Arrange meat slices artfully and serve with a rolls or slices of bread for easy sandwiches.