Dress Up Games for Girls to Dress Up

Dress-up games have been around as long as young girls have aspired to be something different. Wearing different clothes and pretending to be princesses, sports stars and actresses make them feel cool and grown up. Sometimes it takes little more than a special dress to make them feel special.

Polaroid Dress Up

When playing dress up games, girls often dress in silly and wild fashions. These fashions may be hard to remember or reproduce later on. Use a Polaroid or digital camera during dress up games to make the memories last. Each girl should dress in a unique and wild fashion. Take pictures of everybody. Use different poses like individual, group and action. These poses will make the girls feel like models. Print out copies of the pictures for everybody. If you have the time and the resources, you can have everyone make mini-scrap books with the pictures.

Fashion Show

Many young girls dress up to look as glamorous as the models they admire. Hold a fashion show to help these girls feel fashionable. Have a wide variety of clothes available. Give each girl her own time to dress and model. The rest of the girls will be her audience. Give humorous commentary as she comes out. Make sure to say she looks beautiful. This will help boost her self esteem. Encourage the girls in the audience to cheer her on as she models.

Celebrity Dress Up

Girls often look up to celebrities as sources of beauty and fashion. Have each girl pick a celebrity she admires for her style. Try to get each girl to pick a different celebrity. This will help give the game more diversity. Have a selection of clothes and accessories available and give them time to dress up like their chosen favorite. You should have a variety of celebrity magazines available for reference. If your magazines don’t have a girl’s celebrity, use a computer with Internet access.

Online Games

Most of these games can be played at home with groups of people. However, sometimes a girl doesn’t want to play dress up games with her friends. This is where online dress-up games are useful. A wide variety of dress-up games are available from sites like Hot Girl Dress Up. Some games have you dressing up a computerized girl. Some let you make the girl look like you. The more advanced games have a photo upload option. Many different styles of clothes, makeup and accessories are available on these games.