How to Dress Down a Sparkle Skirt

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Whether it features sequins, beads or glittery threads, a sparkle skirt can turn heads for a festive occasion like a party or date. But just because your skirt is sparkly doesn't mean you can't wear it in more casual settings too. If you pair your skirt with the right pieces, you can easily dress it down so you can wear it during the day -- and get double the use out of it throughout the year.

Break Out the Denim

Denim is a classic casual material, so it’s an ideal option when you want to dress down a sparkle skirt. Pair your skirt with a denim or chambray button-down shirt -- you can tuck it into the skirt or knot it at your waist for a relaxed, playful look. A denim jacket or vest can also work well to tone down your sparkly skirt. Wear the jacket or vest over a white T-shirt or tank top for a low-key weekend outfit.

Earn Your Stripes

There’s something about stripes that gives an outfit a jaunty casual look. Pair your sparkle skirt with a fun striped top to help tone down the bling. Wear a tan or blush skirt with a navy-and-white striped tee or tank top. Make a black sparkly skirt daytime appropriate by pairing it with a red and white striped sweater or tunic. If you want to wear your skirt to the office, try it with a striped blazer and button-down blouse for a polished, stylish ensemble.

Ditch the Pumps

The shoes that you wear with your sparkly skirt can help tone down its look. If you pair it with stilettos, peep-toe pumps or strappy high-heel sandals, you’ll look ready for an evening out on the town. For a dressed-down style, take the opposite approach by choosing shoes with a more casual feel. Ballet flats can help make a sparkly skirt feel more relaxed, particularly when paired with a tee or denim shirt. In the spring and summer, flat gladiator sandals are an ideal option. For cooler weather, try ankle booties or knee-high boots.

Go Easy on Accessories

When you’re wearing a sparkle skirt, you don’t need any more bling in your outfit, so keep keep accessories to a minimum. Opt for simple jewelry like small stud earrings or a delicate pendant necklace. A single cuff bracelet can work well too, but you can also get away with just wearing your watch. When it comes to your bag, choose a simple style free from embellishments, and go with a neutral color like black, cream, gray or tan to keep your look understated.