How to Make a Sexy Calendar for Husbands

vasst/iStock/Getty Images

Surprise your hubby with a sexy calendar that is filled with 12 hot pics for his eyes only. Whether you're celebrating a special anniversary, sharing Valentine's Day joy or simply trying to heat up your love life, revealing looks and come-hither glances will show your guy that you're sweet and spicy. If you're feeling shy or anxious about someone else snapping the photos, you can set up your own scenes and create your own flirty and fabulous calendar.

Step 1

Choose a theme for each month. Picking a holiday or seasonal focus is a logical way to go. For example, stars and stripes for July, hearts for February, flowers for April and Mrs. Claus for December.

Step 2

Buy or make a costume for each month. Remember, this is a sexy calendar. Keep the matronly outfits for a time when it's appropriate to cover up. Show as much skin as you're comfortable with, and pick out creative outfits that match the theme. For example, glue or sew faux flowers to a tiny T-shirt or camisole that you pair with a pretty pink pair of panties for a springtime April scene.

Step 3

Boost your confidence. Self-confidence is just as sexy to your guy as showing some skin. If your inner critic is telling you that your skimpy calendar outfits are showing off your flaws, stop listening. Remind yourself that real women have different types of bodies, and that only a very few are supermodels. Pick a few of your favorite parts of your body, and highlight them with the photos. For example, you have long, lean legs, but don't want to show off the C-section scar on your tummy. Choose a micro-mini Mrs. Claus dress that covers what you want to conceal and showcases your great gams.

Step 4

Pick a room that either has plenty of natural light or bring in a few lamps. Avoid harsh lighting, as it will cast unflattering shadows. Don't stand directly in a bright light's path. Move off to the side so that a softer light is highlighting your picture.

Step 5

Set up your shots, one month at a time. Decorate the background with props or hang a sheet behind you. For example, hang Christmas stockings for December's picture.

Step 6

Place your camera on a tripod. Set it up to capture either your entire body or the parts that you want to feature. Use a timer to snap the picture after you have posed yourself. If you don't have a camera and tripod, you can use your cell phone. use the timer function on your phone's camera and set it on a dresser or table.

Step 7

Position yourself seductively. Use your body language to seduce your husband. How you hold and position yourself reflects how you feel on the inside. Don't forget about your face. Look directly at the camera, pretending that it's your husband. A constant gaze shows caring and love. Add a flirty smile or smoldering wink to add another layer of sexuality to the pictures.

Step 8

Download the pictures onto your computer. Print the 12 photos on your computer printer, using a photo stock weight of paper. Follow your specific printer's instructions for the settings that you need.

Step 9

Print the calendar pages for each month. Use a calendar template that includes the 12 months for the current year. Print all 12 calendar pages on thick card stock or photo weight paper.

Step 10

Match up the photos with the pages so that the photo is on top and the calendar is on the bottom. Stack the pieces of the calendar together. Punch two holes at the top of the stack, going all of the way through each page. You will need to separate the pages and do one or a few at a time.

Step 11

Thread a thin ribbon through each hole and tie it loosely in a bow to bind the calendar together.

Step 12

Surprise him with the best gift of all: 12 months of you.