Do-It-Yourself Hair Weaves

Salon weaves can be expensive ranging from $150 to $1200 depending on the weave technique of your choice. Contrary to popular belief, there are more affordable options. Do-it-yourself weaves cost less, are less time assuming and provide women with unique looks. Below, you will find several do-it-yourself hair weaves that will benefit your pocket and your tight schedule.

Do-It-Yourself Draw String Hair Weaves

Draw string weaves come in a variety of options and give women versatility. They also are not as stressful on hair follicles and can be easily removed because they do not require adhesives. The style that you can achieve using draw strings can change day to day. Draw string weaves are available for a variety ponytails, buns, afros and different hair textures.

Do-It-Yourself Half Weaves

Half weaves are those that are attached using combs, similar to those found in a traditional wig. In a half weave, "half" of your natural hair is revealed and used to cover any detection of the artificial weave piece. This weave option allows greater mobility in style. For example, you may want a swoop bang on Monday, a middle part of Tuesday and a half up half down style on Wednesday.

Glue It Yourself Weaves

Glue-in's are another do-it-yourself weave technique. Simply part your hair horizontally starting 2 inches from the baseline of the neck. Apply glue to the track of the extension, and using a mirror apply track inside the visible part. Avoid applying extensions directly onto your hair because this will cause unsightly breakage. Bonding removal conditioners are available to remove sticky adhesives. Do not worry if a minimal amount of glue gets on the hair. It will come off when removed properly.

Do-It-Yourself Lace Front Weaves

As the demand for lace fronts continue to increase in Hollywood, everyday women are becoming more intrigued because they allow women to disregard their natural hair for 4 to 6 weeks.Women with damaged hair of hair loss use lace fronts to give their natural hair a restoration break. Hair growth can develop from the constant wear of lace front wigs but hair loss around the hair edges or "nape area" will occur if not applied correctly.This can subsequently, cause an unhealthy dependency on lace fronts weaves.

Do-It-Yourself Sew In

Although this takes practice, sew in weaves can be a do-it-yourself project. You will have to rely on your sense of touch mostly to determine the direction of your sewing path. It is recommended that you practice on a hair mannequin to perfect your sewing skills. In order to sew your own weave, you'll also need to know how to braid. Hair extensions are sewed into well crafted braids. Without the ability to braid proficiently, obtaining a quality sew-in will be virtually impossible. It is recommended that synthetic hair be added to your braids if you have thin, fine or weak hair. This will prevent your natural hair from breaking.