DIY Twisted Turban Headband

I have a million and one scarves in my closet and I wasn’t quite sure how to wear them this summer, so I decided to repurpose them! I loved the idea of turning them into headbands, but I wanted to create an updated version, making twisted turban headbands.

For those non-sewers, no worries, all you need are a couple knots and some fabric glue. Check out how I turned my favorite scarves in prints of the season, aztec and and polka dots, into stylish accessories to keep your hair back as the weather heats up.

What you need:
-Hair ties
-Fabric glue

Step 1: Cut two strips from your scarf, each 6″ wide. I found that it’s best to use the edges of the scarf to avoid fraying.

Step 2: Fold the two long ends of the scarf strip into the middle. Repeat with your other scarf strip.

Step 3: Interlock your two pieces of fabric.

Step 4: Put the hair tie around the ends of the fabric.

Step 5: Tie your ends in two knots onto the hair tie.

Step 6: Cut off excess scarf.

Step 6: Dab frayed ends with fabric glue, then hide glue under the knotted fabric. Done!

Photos by Jessica Kaminski. Step photos by Jenni Radosevich.