DIY Team Shirts for Game Day

by Kelly Smith ; Updated January 11, 2016

It has been argued that the Super Bowl should be a national holiday, and rightfully so. Even the less enthusiastic want to get into the action, join the party, and celebrate America's favorite pastime on such an eventful Sunday. That is where this perfect modern shirt for all the "one-day fans" out there comes in handy!


  • Pre-made iron-on letters can be found at most craft stores and come in a variety of colors and textures. They are fast, convenient and reminiscent of the letters on a letterman jacket from high school.

Cut Out Fun Phrases

Here is where you can use your creativity. As you cut out each letter, think of fun "football phrases." If you have a specific team you are rooting for, you could include the name of their mascot, or write "Go Blue" (if blue is their color). You get the idea — have fun with it!


  • Depending on the set you purchase, you may have a very limited number of letters, especially vowels. It might be wise to purchase more than one set.

Iron Onto the Shirt

Once you have decided on a phrase and have placed the letters where you want them on the shirt, go ahead and iron them on according to the directions on your pack. For these letters, I was directed to press firmly for 20 to 30 seconds, wait 20 seconds, and then remove the backing. I found that holding the iron longer on the letters was necessary. Some needed more time than others, and ironing one at a time worked better than trying a few at once.

Wait and Pull off Letters

Once the iron-on letters are secured to the shirt, wait a few moments before pulling off the backing. Slowly peel from one corner in a diagonal motion. If the letter begins to peel up with the backing, just place it back down and iron a bit more.

Play With Texture

Create a vintage look with the letters by experimenting with distressing techniques while the material is still warm from the iron. Try pulling off the backing too early or rubbing a bit off with your finger. Once the shirt has cooled, place a cloth over the shirt and seal the letters one last time with the iron.

While watching the Super Bowl in your game day T-shirt, make sure to shout things like, "Touchdown, go team, and hooray!" It might also be a good idea to eat lots of chips and participate in sound effects when someone gets tackled!


About the Author

As a former teacher and reading specialist, Kelly Smith combines classic educational activities with a modern twist on her blog Cloudy Day Gray, along with topics about parenting and caring for a pediatric transplant recipient. Smith has contributed to MarthaStewart.com and Apartment Therapy and works regularly as a copywriter for Altitude Summit.