DIY Fashion Projects for Festival Season

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In the excitement of scoping out your favorite acts during festival season, you must not overlook one thing: Your outfits! While concert tickets often cost a pretty penny, there's no reason your ensembles should, too. Instead of splurging on clothing and accessories, craft your own outfits at home. You can put any (or all!) of these festival fashion projects together in time for your next musical getaway.

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1. Floral Sunglasses

DIY Festival Sunglasses

Protect your eyes in style with a pair of customized floral shades. This easy, quick and fun project makes an especially good starter choice for novice crafters. Plus, flowers make the perfect adornment for spring and summer, even beyond your festival weekend. To personalize this functional accessory, choose a color scheme that fits your taste and style.

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2. Marbled Sunglasses

Festival Sunglasses DIY

You can achieve a more subtle look with marbled sunglasses. Made with nail polish and water, this resourceful project uses up those old bottles of polish. For best results, use shades with thick, wide frames. Wayfarers and cat eyes both make great options.

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3. Braided Chain Headband

DIY Festival Headband

When you spend all day outside, nothing should get in the way of you and a good time. Start by keeping your mane out of your face with a braided chain headband. It also helps you stay cool in the sun, especially if you have longer hair. Here’s a tip: When you’re not using it as a headband, wear it as a necklace or wrap it around your wrist as a bracelet. This way, you’ll always have it with you.

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4. Twisted Turban Headband

DIY Festival Turban Headband

For another way to keep your hair in place, make a DIY turban headband from an old scarf. You can also use fabric remnants from old clothes or past projects. The twisted detail brings in some personality, while an elastic attachment helps it stay in place. The best part is that the fabric from one scarf can make several headbands.

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5. Oversized Tassel Necklace

DIY Festival Tassel Necklace

Nothing says “festival” like tassel details. For less than $1, you can create a tassel pendant necklace with a skein of embroidery thread. Most craft stores sell one skein for 30 to 40 cents, making this project extremely easy on the pocket. For a bohemian touch, layer this necklace with shorter pieces and smaller pendants.

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6. Beaded Strappy Sandals

DIY Beaded Festival Sandals

Sandals are a girl's best friend when it comes to spring and summer events. With these DIY beaded sandals, you can rock festival style from head to toe. The technique takes some time and patience, but the end result makes it worth it. People won't believe you made them yourself!

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7. Lace-Trimmed Tank Top

DIY Festival Lace Tank Top

Take an old shirt and transform it into a flirty top with this inexpensive project. All you need is some lace trim and an afternoon of hand-stitching. This tutorial starts off with a sleeveless shirt, but you can also use a T-shirt by cutting off the sleeves. Simply use fabric scissors to cut along the inside of the shoulder seam. Craft stores sell basic T-shirts in a wide variety of colors, but you can also use old shirts from a thrift shop.

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8. Lace-Trimmed Plaid Top

DIY Festival Lace Top

For a different take on lace trim, add it to the bottom of a button-down shirt. This no-sew technique is ideal for tops that are too long or short for your liking. Just cut the bottom to your desired length and add the lace. You can even use this method on an inexpensive men’s button-down shirt.

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9. Pompom Scarf

DIY Festival Scarf

Even the hottest of summer days can turn into brisk, cool nights. Instead of hauling around a bulky sweater, bring along a DIY embellished scarf. By day, tie this no-sew DIY around your waist, purse or hair for the ultimate cool-girl look. Once the sun sets, wrap it around your shoulders or neck for an extra layer. Use a lightweight scarf so nothing holds you down as you dance the night away.

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10. DIY Floral Crown

Bleudog Fotography

This DIY floral crown makes for the perfect hair accessory if you want to channel your inner flower child. And what better place to embrace your inner boho hippie than an outdoor music festival? This simple DIY uses faux flowers, ribbon, and floral wire and tape to create a floral crown that you can use festival after festival.

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11. Distressed Shorts from Old Jeans

Anna Liesemeyer

Denim shorts are a must-have for your festival packing list. They're extremely versatile and surprisingly easy to make. With just a few basic supplies, you can transform an old pair of jeans into distressed denim shorts. This is especially useful for jeans that have a stain or rip below the thigh. How's that for festival fashion on a dime?

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12. Embellished Denim Shorts With Gem and Flower Trim

Kirsten Nunez

If you want a little more "oomph" in your denim arsenal, try embellishing shorts with gem and flower lace trim. This no-sew DIY is the simplest way to give shorts a serious makeover. Gems are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, while flower-shaped trim can be purchased by the yard in multiple colors. Once you choose those two, all you need is some fabric glue and a weekend afternoon.

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13. Red, White and Blue Shorts

Kirsten Nunez

While you're spicing up your basic pieces, try dip-dyeing these red, white and blue shorts. By using a bright white pair, you can be sure that the colors will shine at their fullest potential. This tutorial demonstrates how to let the dye bleed naturally travel through the fabric, creating a beautiful watercolor effect. The best part is that you can substitute the red and blue for any of your favorite colors.

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14. Rhinestone Bra

Kirsten Nunez

In the midst of fringe and mixed prints, gems and jewels can totally work for festival fashion. This blinged-out DIY rhinestone bra will steal the spotlight regardless of how you wear it: layered under a cardigan, paired with a loose tank top or by itself. With so many rhinestone variations out there, this beginner-friendly project is 100% customizable.

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15. Barefoot Sandals

Hannah Weflen

If there's any time to go barefoot, it's at a summer festival. Thanks to these barefoot sandals, you'll be able to graze the beaches and fields with style. The structure of each sandal is similar to an anklet with extra chain for additional wrapping. This project is excellent for honing your jewelry skills in an unconventional way.

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16. Metallic Lace Hand Chain

Kirsten Nunez

Festival season is the prime time for adorning yourself in eye-catching jewelry. A metallic lace hand chain is an awesome example; equal parts bracelet and ring, this piece has a mysterious vibe to it. The combination of metallic and lace elements creates a beautiful feminine visual that can dress up a basic outfit.

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17. Scalloped Lace Crop Top

Kirsten Nunez

Lace is the ultimate summer fabric: lightweight, intricate and dainty. It also makes for a gorgeous shirt, like this scalloped lace crop top. Thanks to the thin material and loose fit, you'll stay cool all day long. By the time you finish making this project, you'll also be a pro at sewing elastic.

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18. Mesh Chain & Charm Belt

Kirsten Nunez

For a gypsy-inspired look, top off your favorite festival outfit with a mesh chain and charm belt. Wear it with denim shorts or high up your waist to add volume to a flowy dress. This tutorial uses thin spike-shaped charms, but you can use lightweight charms in any shape or style. Basic jewelry-making skills are needed for this project; no fancy tools required!

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