Difference Between Clarisonic & Clarisonic Pro

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The desire for radiant, clear, youthful skin has existed for thousands of years. In modern society, females and males utilize skincare products to achieve the look they desire. One skincare product, the Clarisonic brush, is part of many people's daily routines. Clarisonic brushes benefit those seeking a high-end skin cleansing product. Clarisonic brushes are available in three consumer models, as well as a professional model.

Technology behind the various Clarisonic Models

Clarisonic offers three consumer skincare systems: Clarisonic Mia, Clarisonic Classic, and Clarisonic Plus. Clarisonic also sells the Clarisonic Pro for aestheticians and skin-care professionals. Though there are some key differences between the models, all Clarisonic skincare systems incorporate Sonic technology. This particular technology allows the Clarisonic interchangeable brush heads to oscillate at over 300 times per second, deeply cleansing and stimulating the skin. According to the results of Clarisonic's clinical trials, this movement is non-abrasive, but is still six times more effective than regular cleansing.

Feature Comparison

Clarisonic Mia operates at a single speed for facial use. The brush has a battery life of 20 minutes, and ships with a pLink universal charger for recharging. Clarisonic Classic offers two speeds for facial cleaning and a longer battery life of 30 minutes. The charger for this model is a convenient cradle that the brush rests upon while charging. Clarisonic Plus provides the benefit of three speeds and can be used on both the face and body by changing the brush heads. The battery life is 20 minutes for the facial brush and 30 minutes for the body brush; the unit incorporates the same cradle charger as the Classic. Clarisonic Pro incorporates four speeds, including a pro speed for professional use. Like the Clarisonic Plus, the Pro has options for face and body, an identical battery life and a cradle-style charger.

Sizes and Colors

Clarisonic Mia comes in nine different colors, so you can select one that accents your personal style. As the smallest Clarisonic model, it is perfect for portability and on-the-go travelers. Clarisonic Mia is sometimes available in limited edition models that offer additional patterns and colors. Clarisonic Classic is available in three colors: white, graphite grey and pink. It is larger than the Mia, and works for facial cleansing at home. The Clarisonic Plus is available in two colors, pink and white; it is the same size as the classic. The Clarisonic Pro is available in the same three colors as Clarisonic Classic model but is slightly larger in size.

Cost Comparison

The Mia is Clarisonic least expensive model at $149 and comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty. Limited edition Mia models are available for $195 and also include a one-year warranty. At $195, the Clarisonic Classic is more expensive than the Mia and less expensive than the Pro -- but the cost includes a two-year warranty. The Clarisonic Plus costs $225. Like the Classic, the Pro includes a two-year warranty. The Clarisonic Pro base model costs $195, but with a charger and body brush, the price rises to $225. The Clarisonic Pro comes with a three-year warranty.

Purchasing Clarisonic

Personal engraving is offered for all Clarisonic models purchased directly from the manufacturer. Clarisonic consumer products are available at retail and department stores and online through a variety of sites. Specifically, the Clarisonic Pro models are available through skin care professionals. As an alternative to purchasing a Clarisonic brush for home use, many day spas and skincare facilities offer Clarisonic Pro treatment as a specialized service.