How to Describe My Perfect Match

Looking for your perfect match? First, you must determine and describe your ideal mate. It takes some concentration to pinpoint your idea of the perfect mate. You need to consider the positives in your description, while eliminating certain negatives. eHarmony, the online dating website, calls these attributes "must haves" and "can't stands." When describing your perfect match, you will need to determine what your mate must have as well as those attributes you can't stand.

Step 1

Exercise your memory. Think back to the adults in your life. Who did you like? What did you like about them? Who did you dislike? What did you dislike about them? Childhood memories often shape our desires as adults. Write down these memories.

Step 2

Write down 10 important things about your own life. Descriptions could include things like, "I am a mother," "I am a Christian," "I love dogs," or "I am a workaholic." By describing yourself, you begin to form an idea of the attributes your perfect mate will need to fit in with your life.

Step 3

Write down 10 attributes your ideal mate must possess. Based on your memories of admirable adults and your current desires, you might list things such as "must love children," "must love animals," or "must be hardworking." By listing positive attributes in your ideal mate, you help to narrow down your search for Mr. or Miss Right.

Step 4

Write down 10 attributes your ideal mate must not possess. Based on your memories of dislikable adults and your current dislikes, you might list things such as "must not smoke," "must not drink," or "must not be lazy." Marriage and family therapist Dr. Bethany Marshall calls these "deal breakers." By pinpointing 10 important negative attributes, you can further focus your search for a mate.