How to Write a Personal Constitution

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A personal constitution, also called a mission statement, is a list of things you want to do and goals you want to achieve in your life. Writing a personal constitution helps you not only to stick to your resolutions, it helps you to define them and find out what really matters the most to you. If you don't live up to your values, writing a personal constitution may be your solution.

Make a list of your highest values -- things that are the most important to you and things you want to do more than anything.

Write down what you are doing to live up to your values or your goals. Write down the concrete actions you are engaged in to turn your life in the way you dream it.

Write down what you are not doing to get to the point where you want to be. Make a list for each goal.

Set your priorities. Cut off the things in your list that are not part of your value system, things that are not possible at the moment or things that are not beneficial to you right now.

Write a statement for every one of your decisions. Start by writing: I am writing my personal constitution to (tell why you are writing your statement.) For example, I am writing my personal constitution to vanquish the stress that is invading every part of my life.

Write what you will do to achieve your goals in a few clear steps. Use this format: to (achieve this goal), I will plan my week to include (such thing and such thing). For example, to pay my debt and cut off on my expenses, I will plan my week to include home-prepared meals and do my own laundry.

Write a Bill of Rights with about 10 Commandments: I will not (do such and such). For example, I will not spend more than two hours a day on my computer to free time for my family.