How to Decorate a Dump Truck Cookie

by Aya Pauli
Pipe frosting into the familiar blocky shapes of a dump truck to create a clever cookie.

Pipe frosting into the familiar blocky shapes of a dump truck to create a clever cookie.

Dump trucks have a few distinctive visual components -- a cab, wheels, headlights, and, of course, the hinged, open-top bed that does the dumping. These are all easily represented by geometric shapes you can create with a few sacks or tubes of colored frosting and some candies. Use simplified, stylized shapes and details for cookies, because you'll be repeating each figure for the entire batch. if you don't want to mix up your own frosting, you can buy it in frosting in ready-to-pipe tubes, which, conveniently enough, typically come with thin, round nozzles -- the only nozzle shape you need to decorate dump truck cookies.

Cut the pointed tip from the piping bag, also known as a pastry bag, with a pair of scissors as needed. Attach the nozzle to the bag, using a coupler as needed. Spoon the black frosting into the bag, filling the bag half full. Twist the bag close and press lightly until the frosting begins to flow. Repeat the process to assemble red, white and yellow frosting bags.

Press on the black frosting bag gently to pipe the outline of a front and back wheel on the truck. Pipe a line from the middle of the wheel to the edge of the wheel with black frosting. Continue to pipe lines in this manner, like spokes on a bicycle wheel, to fill each wheel shape. Press a red candy into the center of each wheel.

Outline the shape of the front of the dump truck, or cab, with red frosting. Outline a square shape in the middle of the cab for a door window. Fill the cab shape with vertical lines of red frosting, leaving the window area plain. Place a yellow candy on the front of the truck as a headlight.

Outline the inside of the window with white frosting. Fill the window shape with horizontal lines of white frosting.

Outline the shape of the back of the dump truck, or bed, with yellow frosting. Fill the bed shape with horizontal lines of yellow frosting. Place a red candy on the back of the truck cookie as a tail light.

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Items you will need

  • 4 Piping bags
  • Scissors
  • 4 Round nozzles, thin
  • Spoon
  • Black buttercream frosting
  • Red buttercream frosting
  • White buttercream frosting
  • Yellow buttercream frosting
  • 3 small red candies, round
  • Small yellow candy, round


  • Use a larger size nozzle, such as a large round tip, if you’re decorating a giant cookie. A small nozzle works best for small cookies that require delicate lines. However, it takes an excessive amount of time to cover a giant cookie with the thin lines. It’s easier, and it looks better, to use thick lines on large cookies.
  • Beat butter, powdered sugar and milk together with an electric mixer to create basic buttercream frosting. Stir food coloring into the frosting to color it as needed. When it comes to black frosting, it’s best to start with chocolate buttercream frosting, which is made by adding melted chocolate to basic buttercream. Add black food coloring to the chocolate frosting a little at a time. This way you use far less food coloring than you would if you started out with white frosting.


  • Don’t frost the cookie while it’s still warm. The warm dough will melt the frosting, resulting in a soggy cookie. The cookie needs to be room temperature or cooler for the best results.

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