How to Deal With Spouse Working Opposite Shift

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When you and your spouse work different shifts, it can be difficult to make time for each other and to work on building a stronger relationship. With different work shifts, both spouses often leave, work, sleep and eat at different times of the day. If this sounds similar to the relationship you are in, there are ways to deal with this problem. You and your spouse must have good communication skills and have a desire to spend time together.

Step 1

Keep a calendar. Write down all work days and times for each spouse as well as family activities and functions. This will help you find days and times where both of you are home and able to plan activities and time together.

Step 2

Stay in contact with each other often. Throughout the day, text your spouse periodically or send an email or phone call. Through a text or short call you can stay in touch with each other and talk about brief issues. Be aware of when your spouse is sleeping and avoid calling her during that time.

Step 3

Share responsibilities. If both you and your spouse work, discuss household duties and hold each other accountable for these duties. One spouse might be responsible for laundry, while the other may do the grocery shopping. Planning these duties will help eliminate wasting time discussing or arguing about them.

Step 4

Buy your spouse small gifts. Leave your spouse a romantic note or flower on the bed when you leave for work. A small gift often says a lot to a spouse because it lets her know you were thinking about her.

Step 5

Take the same day off work. At least once a month, plan a day where neither of you have to work and avoid scheduling anything else on that day. Plan the day to simply stay home together or plan an outing that you can enjoy as a couple.

Step 6

Avoid taking on extra activities. Try to minimize your obligations to others to prioritize your marriage. This does not mean you cannot have a life outside of your marriage. Instead, arrange your obligations during times your spouse is at work. When you know she will be home, avoid saying yes to an extra duty that is unnecessary.

Step 7

Plan a weekend away. Choose a destination that allows you to relax and spend time enjoying each other's company.