How to Deal With a Future Marine As Your Boyfriend

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Many young men each year join the Marine Corps. Although their decision is honorable and will provide them with a lifetime of experiences, their wives and girlfriends are often left in a state of confusion. If you're part of that confused group of women, know that it's completely natural to feel unsure how to deal with a future Marine boyfriend. The beginning is often the most difficult. As long as you talk to him regularly when he's deployed and spend time with him when he's home, you two will likely have a strong relationship going forward.

Step 1

Spend as much time with each other while you can when he's home. A Marine is always on the move. He will depart for a variety of countries throughout your relationship, and he may sometimes leave for almost a year. For your relationship to thrive, you two need to spend time together when he's home.

Step 2

Set up a webcam. Talking on the telephone when your Marine departs will become frustrating because you won't be able to see his face. If each of you has a webcam, you can talk face-to-face if a personal computer is permitted where he is stationed.

Step 3

Read books about the military and talk to friends or family who have been in the military. Your boyfriend will, at some point, inevitably miss your designated call time or need to get off the phone immediately. Understanding how the military works will prepare you for those times.

Step 4

Prepare yourself for potential moves. If your relationship is serious, then you've probably decided that you want to be with him no matter what and that may mean moving across the country or to a different country. Marines are sometimes stationed long term in areas thousands of miles from home. You may have to move to another country for two or more years.

Step 5

Think positively. Although seeing your Marine deployed far away is difficult, you must think positively, otherwise you risk falling into a depression. Do not think about anything potentially bad happening to him or wallow in misery when he's not around. Remind yourself that you have the bed all to yourself, you can watch any TV show or movie at any time and you can visit with your friends any time you want.