Cute Things to Do for Your Husband

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Keep the spark alive in your marriage by surprising your loving husband with thoughtful gestures that show just how much you care. By doing some cute things for your guy who holds the key to your heart, you can make it clear to him that you love him just as much as you did the day you took that walk down the aisle.

Mirror Note

Make the task of getting ready in the morning a little more enjoyable for your husband by composing a cute mirror note. After your husband has slipped off to sleep the night before, use a dry erase marker to write a note on the mirror telling him how much you love him. When he wakes the next morning and groggily looks in the mirror, he will be left with no doubts as to how much you care.

Hidden Love Letter

Delight your husband in the middle of the day by stashing a love letter in a place where he will naturally come across it. For example, compose a short love letter, fold it, and slip it into his wallet. When he goes to dig out some bills to pay for his lunch, he will likely stumble across this note of esteem.

Brief Case Photo

Bring back a memory of a romantic time you shared with your spouse when he least expects it by slipping a photo into his briefcase. Select a photo of you and him on a trip, at your wedding or just hanging out. On the back, write a note including a detail about the event. For example, if you took a trip to Spain and one of the highlights was getting caught in the rain, you could write, "Remember the Spanish rain?" on the reverse of the photo. Slip the photo into his briefcase so he finds it as he prepares to get down to the drudgery of his day on the job.

His Favorite Dinners

Let your husband's palette, regardless of how unrefined it might be, dictate your meal one night. Prepare a dinner filled with his favorites, cooking up mini-corn dogs, traditional mac and cheese and chocolate brownies if those are the foods he most enjoys. Serve them up, along with his favorite brew, in a formal fashion.

Permanent Marker Tattoo

Ink your husband's name onto your body -- temporarily -- by creating a permanent marker tattoo. Draw a heart on your bicep or hip and place his name into it, using a permanent marker to create your design. Proudly show off the beautiful -- albeit temporary -- piece of body art to your husband, or don't mention it and allow him to see it for himself as you undress for bed.