Cucumber Beauty Tips

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Cucumbers were discovered over 10,000 years ago in southern Asia. In the early years of its discovery, the vegetable was not only used as a food item, but for healing and beauty. Today, cucumbers are considered a wonder vegetable among beauty experts. Cucumbers have many beauty capabilities, including cooling effects, astringent properties and as aids for weight loss. With just a few tips, you can maximize the benefits of cucumbers and forever change the way you view this common vegetable.

For Hair

Use cucumbers to grow hair and prevent damage. The high content of silicon and sulphur in cucumber juice nourishes hair and promotes growth. For a hair growth recipe, try mixing cucumber juice and carrot juice together and drinking regularly. To help nourish damaged hair, try this concoction: blend one egg, five tablespoons of olive oil and a quarter of a peeled cucumber together and spread evenly through your hair. Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse.

For Eyes

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Cucumbers have cooling and astringent properties. Both properties reduce inflammation, puffiness and tiredness around the eyes. This is because the caffeic acid found in cucumbers prevent water retention around the eyes and when applied topically, the acid helps reduce various irritations around the eye. A simple way to use cucumbers for eye benefits is to cut two thick slices of cucumber and apply to each eye for 10 minutes. Once they come off, you'll feel fresh, relaxed and you'll immediately see the difference around your eyes.

For Skin

Cucumbers have a high amount of vitamin C and caffeic acid. Both forms of acid have a soothing effect on a variety of skin irritations like eczema, acne, skin vibrancy issues and dermatitis. Cucumbers also share the same level of hydrogen as the skin, so when used for skin purposes, cucumbers have a soothing and softening quality. A few simple recipes include grating a whole cucumber, applying on your neck and face for 15 to 20 minutes and rinsing. This recipe will help with pimple reduction. Another recipe is combining lime juice and rose water and applying on your face. This will help brighten a dull complexion.

For Weight Loss

Cucumbers are high in minerals, low in calories and fat free. These factors make cucumbers a smart choice for consumption in your effort to maintain or lose weight. In addition, a cucumber is 90 percent water and full of fiber. These factors cause you to feel full faster after eating cucumber and also aid digestion due to the water content. Try adding cucumber to salads for a refreshing crunch, or try cucumbers dipped in hummus for a simple and healthy snack.