Crafts for a 5-Year-Old Girl

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Crafts allow young girls a chance to use their imagination and creativity. When hosting a birthday party, class or social gathering for 5-year-old girls, prepare some entertaining crafts for the girls to do to keep them busy. Careful planning and a few ideas are all you need to get them started.

Stuffed Bears

Small plush bears are available in bulk at craft stores and online. Have the girls sit around a table and give each a plush bear. Place a bucket of bear clothing and accessories on the table. Allow each girl to get one outfit, a pair of shoes and accessories to decorate her bear. For added fun, use stuffed bear kits. Stuffed bear kits allow the girls to stuff their own bear. With your help, they can stuff they bear and sew it up. Before the sew it up, have them cut a heart out of red felt and insert it into their bear to “bring it to life.”

Bubble Bath

Give the girls a medium size plastic bottle (available at craft stores). The girls can use stickers and markers to decorate their bottle for bubble bath. Each girl can mix 1 cup of tear-free shampoo with 1/2 cup of water in the plastic bottle. Tell her to add a few drops of food coloring for color. Add a several drops of essential oil to the bubble bath to make it scented. Essential oils are available at craft stores. For added decoration, let the girls add a scoop of polyester glitter to make the bubble bath sparkle.

Puff Paint Shirts

Have the girls sit around a table. Give the girls a plain white T-shirt. Place a bucket of puff paints, glitter glue and fabric markers on the table. The girls can design their own shirts using their name and their favorite design. For another idea, give the girls a white pillowcase. Have all the girls sign each other’s pillowcases with the fabric markers. Stamps and paint will work well on the shirts, too.

Bead Jewelry

Allow the girls to make their own bead jewelry using a variety of products. Give the girls elastic, jewelry clasps, glue and several beads. Use alphabet beads, seashells and a variety of beads with holes in the middle (so the girls can string them). The girls can make necklaces, bracelets and anklets. For another idea, have a creative contest. Award prizes to the girls with the most creative, prettiest and most different jewelry.