Country Bridal Shower Ideas

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A country bridal shower will allow the bride-to-be let loose with her closest friends in a fun-loving and rustic style. Look for decorations, games and even costumes that fit with the country theme. Whether you channel a country-western honky tonk or a cozy and traditional get-together in frontier style, look to the tastes and sensibilities of your guest of honor.

Down Home Decor

Decorate for your country-style bridal shower with plenty of sunny, casual touches. Sunflowers make wonderful centerpieces. Look for checkered or paisley fabric on sale to make inexpensive bandannas. You can either use them in place of ribbons, tied around vases, spread out as tablecloths or distributed to all the guests to wear around their necks or in their hair. For a nod to country-style Americana, look for old-fashioned glass cola bottles or mason jars to act as flower vases, or use old-fashioned magazines as wrapping paper for gifts.

Country Costumes

You can involve all the guests in the country theme by announcing it well ahead of time and encouraging costumes on the invitations. To give your guests ideas, provide a few images of frontier ladies or country-western gals on the invitation, according to the precise flavor of your shower. For easy takes on the theme, have guests wear gingham, checked or plaid shirts, paired with denim pants or skirts and finished off with a pair of cowboy boots. For a simpler touch, you might distribute straw hats or cowboy hats to all the guests when they arrive.

Games and Activities

For a high-spirited game perfectly in line with the country theme, bring a suitcase of funny country-style clothes to the party for the bride-to-be. Among the guests, work together to amass a strange assortment of country-style clothes and accessories. Have it all packed in a single suitcase and tell the bride that it's her honeymoon night and she must unpack her suitcase and get dressed to go to dinner. Then, turn out the lights in the room. The bride must put on all the clothes in the suitcase in the darkness. When she's done, turn on the lights and let her see her new look.

Finger-Lickin' Foods

One perk of a country theme is the simple and satisfying cooking. Tailor your menu to whatever country dishes will most please the bride-to-be. For a simple, finger-food-style meal, convert country foods into bite-sized offerings. For example, instead of fried chicken, serve wings or breaded strips with a zesty dipping sauce. Serve homestyle sides like greens or mac and cheese in delicate ramekins. Make popovers, corn bread or biscuits in miniature form.