How to Cook Unsloppy Joes

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Sloppy Joes have long been a popular dinner choice for kids and busy moms alike because they're quick and easy to make and palatable to even the pickiest eaters. The traditional sandwich, as the name implies, often results in a mess as globs of tomato-based sauce and meat fall out from between a soft hamburger bun. An unsloppy Joe offers all the flavor of its messy counterpart, but is served in a convenient pocket made from biscuit dough to reduce mess. You can make your own biscuits from scratch, but canned biscuit dough greatly reduces preparation time for this quick meal.

Step 1

Brown ground beef in a skillet and drain off the fat. Stir in a can of sloppy Joe sauce or make your own sauce, using ingredients such as ketchup, tomato paste, diced onions and bell peppers, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper. Simmer the meat sauce for about 10 minutes until thickened.

Step 2

Press canned biscuits flat with your hands into a circle about 6 inches in diameter and 1/4 inch thick. If using dough made from scratch, roll a bit of dough into a ball slightly bigger than a golf ball and roll it into a circle with a rolling pin.

Step 3

Scoop the sloppy Joe meat sauce onto the center of each biscuit circle, leaving at least a 1/2-inch margin around the edges. Top with your choice of shredded cheese, if desired.

Step 4

Fold the circle in half with the edges lined up. Crimp the edges with your fingers to seal the pockets. These sloppy Joe pockets look similar to empanadas and apple turnovers.

Step 5

Place the unsloppy Joe pockets in a single layer on a baking sheet with about 2 inches between each piece. Bake in the oven at about 400 degrees Fahrenheit until the crust is golden brown, usually between 10 and 15 minutes depending on your oven.