Chicken Rice Casserole Recipes


0:04 hi I'm chef Barbara vitaliano and today

0:07 I'm going to show you how to make

0:09 chicken and rice casserole so the

0:12 chicken the peppers and the onions are

0:14 cooking down nicely and then we're gonna

0:17 this is going to be our filling from

0:19 mexican lasagna i'm going to lay our

0:21 tortilla chips on the bottom and then

0:24 we're going to put a layer of i'm using

0:26 our rice and bean fusion today we'll get

0:29 on how to hear i hooked up so if your

0:32 layer to teach chips a layer of the rice

0:33 and bean fusion and then a layer of this

0:36 chicken pepper onion mixture salsa and

0:39 cheese and then we're just going to

0:40 repeat it all the way up until they make

0:42 lasagna definitely assembling this

0:44 mexican lasagna would be a lot of fun

0:45 get your kids in the kitchen and get

0:48 cooking with them so i have the oven

0:50 preheating at 350 degrees i'm going to

0:53 top this with aluminum foil we're going

0:55 to bake it in the oven for one hour

0:57 we're going to check it at 30 minutes

0:59 and the this is how easy it is to make a

1:03 rice and cheese casserole so now I'm

1:07 going to show you how to make an Italian

1:09 chicken rice casserole so I have here my

1:13 13 by 9-inch casserole dish and I'm

1:15 going to start by taking my cooked

1:17 chicken pepper and onion mixture and

1:22 just putting it one layer on bottom

1:29 Oh smells so good I put some because i

1:33 did in the slow cooker i used a little

1:35 dry time and dry right now and dried

1:39 basil and that was just to get the depth

1:42 of flavor and if you were doing it on

1:43 the skillet you can do it the same way

1:50 okay so you just spread that down and

1:55 this recipe I'm using our beds Monte and

1:58 wild fusion no this is a quick cook it

2:00 cooks in 15 minutes so I'm going to put

2:02 the rice I'm just going to sprinkle it

2:04 over the chopped raw now i would

2:09 recommend doing this with a with rice

2:12 that cooked more than 30 minutes you

2:13 want to use a quick cook rice now i have

2:16 two cups of the basmati wild blood right

2:18 there and i would typically if I was

2:22 cooking that rice on the stove top I

2:24 would put one and a half cups of broth

2:27 to each cup of rice so that would be

2:30 three cup but for this because I'm doing

2:31 the oven method I'm going to use two

2:33 cups of chicken stock so I'm going to

2:35 pour that right over when you put on

2:40 rice in the ovens it's you know a slow

2:44 hook so you need less liquid compared to

2:47 cooking on stovetop when you bring the

2:48 rise to a boil it gets more hot more

2:51 quickly so I just do that and then I

2:54 have a blend of Italian shredded cheeses

2:56 um you know you can buy a you know Pizza

2:59 blend but here it has parmesan Romano de

3:03 saji oh so I'm just going to put that

3:05 right on top and I have here two cups so

3:10 I'm only going to put one cup on right

3:11 now

3:17 okay so all the cheese and then I have

3:20 some fresh basil and fresh oregano just

3:23 a handful of each i'm just going to give

3:24 it a rough chop and I like to add fresh

3:30 herbs on top just to really make the

3:32 dish by brain okay so we did a rough

3:39 chop and I'm just going to sprinkle it

3:42 right on top this just gives it some

3:46 nice color ok so now i'm going to cover

3:54 it with oil i have the oven preheated at

3:58 350 degrees so i'm going to come in to

4:01 spoil it going to vega total Kooks on

4:06 the one hour I find this up I'm going to

4:08 take these chicken and rice casserole

4:09 out of the oven oh don't they look great

4:12 we have our rice and bean mexican

4:16 lasagna and we have our telling chicken

4:20 rice casserole mmm how let a school and

4:25 can't wait to eat them I hope you make

4:27 them at home and enjoy them

4:30 you