How to Change a Birth Certificate in Florida

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Birth certificates occasionally contain errors like misspellings and transpositions. The records may also need to be updated to add missing information or to reflect name changes, adoptions or to record a father's name after paternity is established. The state of Florida allows amendments to birth certificates if you are the parent of the child named in the record, the record is your birth record and you are over 18, or you have legal custody.

Obtain Forms

Obtain copies of Florida forms and guidance DH 660-Instructions for Amending a Birth Certificate Form, Form DH 429-Application to Amend a Florida Birth Certificate and Form DH 430-Affidavit to Amendment to Certificate of Live Birth. Download copies online from the Florida Department of Health website or call the department at (904) 359-6900 ext. 9005 and request the documents.

Fill Out the Paperwork

Complete the Application to Amend a Florida Birth Certificate using black ink. Use the instructions in Form DH 660 to guide you. Sign and date the Affidavit to Amendment to Certificate of Live Birth in the presence of a notary if you are only asking for a correction of existing information and you are the parent, legal guardian or it is your birth certificate and you are over 18. No additional documentation is required.

Gather Additional Documents

Gather documentation if you are adding paternity information, recording an adoption or requesting a legal name change after the child's first birthday. Depending on the change, you may need a court order, medical record, school record, census record or voter registration record.

Mail the Application

Mail the signed completed forms, any required documentation and a money order or check for the fee to: Vital Statistics, P.O. BOX 210, Jacksonville, FL 32231-0042