Can You Clean a Synthetic Wig With Regular Shampoo?

Synthetic wigs are most commonly recommended as they are the easiest to maintain. Often described as "shake and go," synthetic wigs also require little effort to style. Still, caring for your synthetic wig properly, including using the correct products, is vital to the life of your wig.


Never wash your synthetic wig with regular shampoo; it is too strong for synthetic fibers. Wig shampoo is available at most beauty supply stores.

Maintaining Your Synthetic Wig

Soak the wig in a mixture containing 1 tsp. of wig shampoo to a bowl of cold water. Gently scrub the front of the wig cap where it meets your forehead and let the wig soak for another 15 minutes.


Wash your synthetic wig every 15 to 20 times you wear it. Over-washing will reduce the life of your wig. Keeping your own hair clean beneath the wig will also reduce the need to wash your wig more frequently.


Your fingers will be your most valuable styling tool, in addition to wire combs or picks. Do not use regular brushes on wigs, as it will separate curls and create frizz.

Things To Avoid

Never use a blow drier, flat iron or curling iron on a synthetic wig, as they will permanently damage the fibers. Also, do not wear your wig while cooking or smoking; these heat sources can also damage your wig.

Human Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs may be washed in lukewarm water instead of cold, but regular hair shampoo still should not be used on your wig. However, you may use hot tools to style your human hair wig.