How to Flatten the Top of a New Wig

A new wig with unruly hairs looks like a wig. You can make certain your secret is safe by taking time to care for your wig properly, which will preserve the synthetic fibers or human hair. Your wig will have a natural look and you will feel confident. Before you begin, know the composition of your wig.

Wash your human hair wig with a mild shampoo. For a synthetic wig, use a shampoo appropriate for the composition. Check with your beauty retailer to determine an appropriate product. Gently turn the wig upside down and then right side up to ensure thorough cleansing.

Condition your human-hair wig with a gentle conditioner.

Place the wig on the form, just as you would place it on your head.

Spray your wig with detangling spray to reduce stress from styling and drying, which helps preserve it.

Begin at the rear base of your wig to comb to remove tangles, gently. Repeat this process until all tangles are removed.

Brush the top of your wig gently to smooth the area that is lifted. For a wig made of human hair, a flat iron is an option.

Set the wig with rollers and roller papers to the desired shape. Synthetic wigs are prestyled, so this step is optional.

Put the wig under the dryer on a low setting. Allow the wig to dry. Drying times will vary; however, if your wig has a plastic cap, do not leave unattended to avoid melting.

Remove the wig from the dryer and comb to desired style. Some styles require only light stroking or fluffing with your fingertips.

Spray with hair spray to keep the top of the wig flat. Another option is styling gel for your human hair wig.