Can You Use Raspberry Pie Filling to Fill Cupcakes?

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Cupcakes filled with jelly, frosting or pie filling offer diners a delicious -- and sometimes surprising -- burst of flavor. Use raspberry pie filling to fill cupcakes if you like the sweet flavor of summer berries. Most raspberry pie fillings contain whole berries or chunks of raspberries, offering an interesting texture contrast to your treats.

Flavor Combinations

Fill chocolate cupcakes with raspberry pie filling for a classic flavor combination. Raspberry pie filling will add color and a complementary flavor to vanilla cupcakes, and it will contrast nicely with the citrusy flavor of lemon cupcakes. Stir a little filling into the frosting if you have any left.


Fit a medium tip over the end of a pastry bag and fill the bag with raspberry pie filling. Working from the top of the cupcake, press the tip approximately a third of the way into the center of a completely cooled cupcake. Squeeze the filling from the bag as you slowly pull the tip from the cupcake until the hole is filled to the top. Top with icing or whipped topping to hide the hole.