Can You Bake a Cake With Pudding in It?

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No matter if it is chocolate or lemon, there is something special about cake. But that doesn't mean you must have a special occasion to enjoy that sweet concoction. You can use your normal box of cake mix, or make a cake from scratch. Or if you are in a rush but still want that homemade taste, you could do a little of both. That is when a box of instant pudding will become your new best friend.

Why Pudding?

Adding a box of instant pudding to your cake mix before baking will aid in making the cake taste homemade. For example, instant pudding will add more flavor to your regular store-bought cake mix. It will also leave the cake moist when baked. You can also use pudding to make your own flavored cake, such as combining lemon pudding with a vanilla cake mix.

What Type of Pudding to Use

When you plan to use pudding in your cake, always use the powdered instant pudding. This is found in the baking aisle of your favorite grocery store and comes in a variety of sizes and flavors. Chocolate fudge, vanilla and lemon are always good choices to add to a cake.

Also, be aware of the size of instant pudding you use. For a single box of cake mix, never use more than 4 oz. of instant pudding. Anything more than that amount will leave you at risk for having a runny cake inside. The perfect balance is around 3.9 oz. of instant pudding to one box of cake mix. Be sure to read the label for the number of ounces in each box and purchase multiple boxes if needed.

Double Chocolate Chip Cake

The recipe allows you to experience a cake with pudding in it is the Double Chocolate Chip Cake, which is similar to the KFC version. This cake will be moist and full of rich, chocolaty flavor.

This cake consists of mixing a box of Devil's Food cake mix with chocolate chips, sour cream, eggs and other ingredients, as well as chocolate fudge pudding. The pudding gives the cake a rich and creamy chocolate flavor and enhances the texture of the cake. Keeping with the general rules of using pudding in a cake, you add up to 3.9 oz. to the cake mix.


If you are counting calories or follow a restricted diet, you will need to factor in the nutritional information of the instant pudding instead of relying on the information supplied on the cake mix box. For instance, a serving of chocolate fudge pudding contains 100 calories. If you use a sugar-free pudding mix of the same flavor, you will save 65 calories, as a serving is only 35 calories.