How to Thicken Cake Batter

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Thicker cake batters work best for some recipes because they stay in place easier. Especially if you are preparing a cake with different layers of different colors, a thicker batter is necessary. Thickening the cake batter is as simple as adding two other ingredients and reducing the liquid content until you achieve the result you need for your cake baking project.

Place the dry ingredients for the cake batter recipe into a medium bowl.

Pour the contents from the box of pudding mix into the bowl. Choose a pudding variety that is appropriate for the flavor of the cake. For example, if making a chocolate cake, use chocolate pudding, or if making a white cake use vanilla pudding.

Stir together the dry ingredients with a wooden spoon until they are well combined.

Pour the wet ingredients from the recipe, excluding the water, into a separate medium bowl.

Add one egg to the bowl with the wet ingredients.

Mix the wet ingredients together with a wooden spoon or hand mixer until they are well combined.

Combine the wet and dry ingredients and mix them well with a wooden spoon or hand mixer.

Pour the water into the batter slowly while mixing the batter with a wooden spoon until the batter reaches the consistency you desire.

Prepare the cake as directed by the recipe directions.