What Can I Say to My Girlfriend to Make Her Day?

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In relationships, partners look to each other for support, encouragement and affection. As a boyfriend, the loving words you say to your girlfriend hold a lot of weight. Your girlfriend needs and wants to hear the positive thoughts and feelings you have towards her. As long as you say your words with sincerity, you will not only make her day brighter but also melt her heart.

"I Love You"

Three simple words, yet they hold the heaviest weight when it comes to relationships. If you have yet to drop the "l-word" on your lady, you can bet she'll be on cloud nine for the rest of the day if you do. However, only tell her that you love her if you are ready and you really mean it. Even if you have already exchanged statements of adoration, telling her out of the blue, in a text message or a call, is sure to get her heart fluttering.

"You Look Fantastic!"

Your girlfriend wants to know that you find her attractive and desirable. Let her know, especially when you see she has made an effort to get dressed up and look nice for you. Feel free to switch out "fantastic" for other adjectives that appropriately describe her looks, such as "amazing," "phenomenal," "marvelous" and the most classic, timeless and simple adjective you can use to describe a woman -- "beautiful." You'll earn bonus points by telling her when she is not feeling well, or in a room full of other women. Let her know that out of all the women in the room, she is the only one who stands out in your eyes.

"I'm Proud of You"

When your girlfriend runs up to you after completing her first half-marathon, or she calls you up to tell you about that job promotion, hearing how proud you are of her will only make her day better. Go ahead and elaborate, gushing on her perseverance, hard work and skill set that led to this accomplishment. You can bet she'll eat it up and bask in the glow of knowing she made you proud.

"You're the Smartest Woman I Know"

While your girlfriend wants you to desire her, she also wants to know that you value her intelligence. Let her know out of the blue one day how impressed you are with her smarts and how lucky you feel to be with someone as intelligent and strong-minded as she is. Whether she just put together the complicated bookcase that left you confounded or she got all the answers right while the two of you are watching a trivia show on TV, complimenting her intelligence is a sure-fire way to put a smile on her face.

"I Love Spending Time With You"

Let your girlfriend know that you truly enjoy being with her, whether you are engaged in a high-energy activity or just lying around on the couch. Another way to convey that is telling her you miss her when you're not together. You will definitely make her feel good if you send her those "missing you" texts when she is out of town. To really make her day, send her a picture of yourself looking lonely. For example, you could take a picture on the couch with an empty spot next to you and send it with a message that says "Must-see TV just isn't the same without you."

Will You Marry Me?

You won't just brighten her day, you will make her overjoyed when you pop the question. Of course, you don't want to take a marriage proposal lightly. You should have already had marriage discussions with your girlfriend, and you both should feel ready and sure you want to spend forever with each other. Only the "when" and "how" you propose should be left up to you. Whether you keep it simple or order fireworks and a helicopter ride, your proposal can create the best day ever for both of you.