Can Proactiv Solution Cause Itchy Skin?

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Proactiv solution has become a popular product for combating acne, but it can result in itchy skin. The itching can go away as skin gets used to the product or you might need to take steps to reduce the itching.


Proactiv contains benzoyl peroxide to kill bacteria that clog pores and cause acne. This ingredient can also dry out the skin, leaving it itchy.


Proactiv solution works with three steps: cleansing, toning and treating. The cleanser contains rough micro-scrubbers to slough away bacteria, dirt, oil and dead skin, but it can also cause irritation to sensitive skin that is not used to the harsh abrasiveness of the cleanser.


Just because Proactiv solution is causing itchy or dry skin doesn’t mean it isn’t working. After reducing usage to once a day or adding moisturizer, the Proactiv products and ingredients can remain in use without causing the itching skin.