What Can I Do to Make My Husband See Me As an Attractive Wife?

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Romance and passion are easily taken for granted as marriages mature. You may find that the everyday routine of work or taking care of children consumes most of your energy and focus, so much that you may worry about whether your husband still finds you attractive. Getting him to see you as appealing goes beyond promoting closeness. It involves taking extra care with your appearance, maintaining good health and doing what you can to be romantic.

Maintain Good Health

Good physical health can contribute to attractiveness. According to psychologist Vivian Diller in her "Psychology Today" article "Maintaining Attraction in Long-Term Relationships," a healthy body is considered by men to be attractive. Maintaining your health involves keeping fit and eating balanced meals. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables contributes to glowing skin and healthy hair. It is essential to have an exercise routine to keep in shape and visit your doctor for checkups on a regular basis.

Put Your Best Face Forward

Besides taking care of your face for the sake of your skin's health, you can enhance facial features if you want your husband to pay more attention to your appearance. Wear lipstick or lip gloss that adds extra color and sheen to your lips. Use daily cleansers and moisterizers. Get professional facials when possible. You can use makeup to enhance your best features, such as mascara for fuller lashes and face powder for a cool and refreshed look. Wear your hair in styles that complement your facial structure and personal taste. Don't hesitate in changing your "do" every now and then to keep him interested. You can experiment with a different cut, brighten up your color or add extensions.

Dress to Impress

Don’t hesitate to be sexy for your husband. You can buy a new negligee and surprise him now and then. Let him know that you still desire him as much as you want him to desire you. Go all out in your outfit for “date nights” or any other special occasions. Break out of the regular jeans or business wear whenever you can. If possible, keep your wardrobe fresh by throwing out older pieces and adding more fashionable items.

Maintain a Bond of Intimacy

Keeping your husband's interest piqued will add to his attraction towards you. You can develop a deeper connection with your spouse by doing intimate things to keep you in his thoughts throughout the day. These romantic gestures can include writing a love note in lipstick on the bathroom mirror one morning, hiding notes in his pockets or briefcase and preparing his favorite foods.