Bust Firming Treatment

Women all over the world are wishing their bust line could look just a little firmer and a little better defined, and bust firming treatments are being used at increasing rates in the hopes of accomplishing this desire. There are many things about bust firming treatments that are important to know before undergoing such treatments.


Bust firming treatments are used to firm the bust, create a better shape as a result of the firmness and reduce lines and stretch marks around it to create an overall more appealing look to the bust. Treatments generally come in a cream form, though there have been pill, spray and lotion forms that claim to have the same effect. The most common types of bust enhancing treatments, such as Victoria Secret's StriVectin Hydro-Thermal Bust Beautification Serum, are found in a topical solution of some sort that is applied at certain intervals (daily, twice a day) to firm the bust area.


The ingredients of these bust firming creams are natural ingredients that are supposedly known for their positive effect on the skin and tissues of the body. For the firming effects, one product boasts Siegesbeckia and Centella asiatica. Shea butter is also widely used in products to improve the smoothness and moisture in the tissue of the bust. Another ingredient such products use is called horse chestnut, a natural ingredient to improve capillary vessels and circulation, thereby increasing elasticity.


Breast firming treatments (mainly creams) claim to have several benefits including improving the texture of the bust skin, improving the elasticity of the supporting skin of the breasts, increasing fullness and firmness of the breast itself and preventing future lack of firmness.

Time Frame

Bust firming treatments and creams generally have a varied range of time over which the product will begin visibly showing results. Some products claim to begin working for firming the breasts in as little as four weeks. In four to eight weeks, this same product claims to produce breast enlargement that is visible. Other products, such as Magic Bust, maintain that more time will be needed, as in up to three months.

Expert Insight

A dermatologist should be able to tell you which treatments work and which ones you shouldn't waste your money on. It is important to discuss with a professional before beginning such a regimen so that any side effects can be treated more accurately and quickly. An expert may also be able to give you tips about other ways (exercises, diet) to naturally firm and enhance your bust.