Bridal Brunch Etiquette

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Brunch with the bridal party is a wedding tradition that can be a great low-key way to socialize. This brunch can be held before or after the wedding. Less formal than the rehearsal dinner, a bridal brunch doesn’t have many etiquette rules. Advance planning will make the event go smoother.

The Host

Unlike many other aspects of a wedding, the bridal brunch doesn’t have set etiquette guidelines as to who is responsible for paying for the event. As the name suggests, this brunch is hosted by the bride; the bride’s family is obliged to cover the costs. A recent trend has the bride paying for this brunch herself, as a token of gratitude to her family, which has no doubt spent a significant amount of money on the rest of the wedding.

When and Where?

Since brunch is a combination of breakfast and lunch, the bridal brunch can be held any time in the morning or early afternoon. If the bridal party includes members from out of town, hosting the bridal brunch close to or on the wedding day is ideal. Many brides choose to host a brunch the day after the wedding as a way to wind down and say goodbye before leaving for the honeymoon. A bridal brunch can be held almost anywhere. The bride should decide how formal she’d like her brunch to be and choose an appropriate location based on the number of guests and the budget.

The Guest List

Though this event is called the bridal brunch, the guest list doesn’t have to be limited to the bridal party. The couple’s family and close friends can be invited, or the event can be open to the entire wedding guest list. The number of attendees is up to the discretion of the person paying the bill.


The etiquette for invitations to a bridal brunch isn’t as strict as the protocol for wedding invitations. Bridal brunch invitations can be as simple as an email sent to the members of the bridal party, a sheet inserted into the wedding invitations or gift bags, or an announcement at the rehearsal dinner or the reception. The bridal brunch is a time for the bride to relax and enjoy special time with her friends and family without the constraints of worrying about etiquette and protocol.