Breakfast Party Tray Ideas

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A good breakfast party tray can fit the bill perfectly if you work in a very busy environment where breakfast is the only time that people have to get together for celebrations. The same is true if you are an event planner and people will be arriving early. Busy bed-and-breakfast owners can also benefit from having a breakfast party tray out so that guests will be able to choose from a wide variety of breakfast foods.


A good assortment of breads is a must for any breakfast selection. Let people choose from a large variety. Croissants, bagels, quick breads, scones, muffins and plain hearty wheat are good breads to have on hand. Slice the breads into manageable pieces. Cut bagels into halves or quarters and quick breads into half inch slices. Select the smallest croissants available. If muffins are on the menu, consider serving mini muffins. When you have a large smorgasbord of breakfast treats, many people will want to sample a bit of everything. Serving small portions helps eliminate waste.

To get some fresh ideas, you can find more than 570 recipes for quick breads in the Resource section.


No breakfast tray is complete without a spread of condiments to put on the breads. Put out softened butter, a selection of jams, jellies and cream cheese. A jar of honey on the side is a nice touch. Provide everyone with their own knife so that they will not be tempted to use the spreaders in the condiments to prepare their food.


Fruits are what give your breakfast tray color and cheer. Individuals who appreciate low-fat offerings will be happy to see fruit on the platter. Grapes, kiwi, pineapple and strawberries all work well on breakfast trays. Be careful with apples, as they tend to turn brown when cut and exposed to air. According to, you can prevent this problem by slicing the apples into a bowl of lightly salted water, or water containing lemon juice.

Divide clusters of grapes into smaller clusters with five to seven grapes each. Peel the kiwi and cut into quarter-inch slices. Pineapple should be served cut into bite-sized chunks. Provide a container of toothpicks so that people can spear the pieces of fruit easily. Consider serving a side of yogurt for people to dip the fruit in.


For some people, breakfast is not complete without a doughnut or something resembling one. Buy a variety of premade pastries such as doughnuts, bear claws and miniature éclairs. Cut the larger pastries into pieces about two inches in size.


If your event will be of short duration, put some meats on your breakfast tray. Slices of bacon, ham and sausage are popular breakfast meats that will have many fans. Serve warm and immediately.