How to Break a Separation Spell

by Stanley Washington

A rival lover may attempt to break up a marriage by casting a separation spell. The original separation spell can be cast in many different ways and may be difficult to counter-spell. The Moon Magik Spell to Stop a Divorce is a counter-spell that battles and defeats original separation spells. The counter-spell must be cast at a certain time of the month to be completely effective. If someone has cast a spell against your marriage, you can take control of the situation and cast a counter-spell.

Wait for a waning moon.

Clean a red candle with cotton balls and rubbing alcohol.

Consecrate the red candle. Carve a heart onto the side of the candle to promote romance in your marriage.

Lay parchment paper in front of you.

Put 13 tablespoons of water into a bowl. Pour 3 drops of olive oil into the water.

Light the candle and hold it in your right hand. Open your mind and spirit. Communicate your wishes to the moon and universe.

Drop 13 drops of wax onto the parchment paper. Dip your hands in the water and flick the water onto the parchment paper 7 times.

Extinguish the candle by blowing on it and burn the parchment paper. Burn the ashes of the parchment paper.

Save the candle until the next full moon and keep it lit until it is no longer useable. This completes the counter-separation spell.

Items you will need

  • Red candle
  • Parchment paper
  • Bowl
  • 13 table spoons of water
  • 3 drops of oil
  • Fire safe container or bowl

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