Braid a Six-Strand Challah Bread Loaf


0:00 Hi I'm Karen for Expert Village okay take all six strands and just pinch them together at the ends this is similar to the four strand braided loaf and we are going to do sort of a weaving of the dough. We are going to go over two, under one and then over two and we would repeat that pattern to the end of the loaf. Here we go one, two, over two, we would lift up the one and then we would go over the last two. Set that aside you can rearrange the dough whatever makes it more comfortable okay here is our two over the two, lift up the one, and go over the two. When you go over the two I like to pull in the other two and you would just keep pulling it in. Here we go again over two, lift up the one, and over two, over two lift up the one and over two. When I go over the last two I pull back the last one. We go over two, under one, over two, and even with the small piece we are going to continue the same pattern over two, under one, over two, and just keep doing it even to the last bit. Over two, under one, and over two. When you get to the end you just pinch those together, tuck it under, you can shape your loaf a little bit like that, tuck under the starting ones, shape it up a little. We are going to place that on our sheet pan covered with a little baking paper and we would be letting that rise for 30 minutes and we would cover that up with plastic in the recycle plastic that I use for the dough and that is just good enough for that.