How to Get My Boyfriend Excited About Us Again

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Over time a relationship can lose its spark because it feels routine. Instead of getting dumped by your boyfriend due to his loss of interest, relight the flame in your relationship. Though you can initiate the change, it will take effort from both of you. Sometimes the original feeling cannot be rekindled, but there are ways to grow close once again. It's important to remember that people and their tastes change over time, so it may feel like getting to know each other all over again.

Step 1

Send your boyfriend unexpected, sexy texts during the day. They can be words or pictures that stimulate his brain. When he gets home he'll be excited to see you.

Step 2

Make one date night a week to spend time together. Do something outside of the norm like dinner and a movie and try something exciting like zip lining or a cooking class. Take turns choosing the activity, and don't be afraid to try something new.

Step 3

Take a trip down memory lane with old photographs or visiting special locations in your relationship. For example visit the place you first went on a date or the bar where he first beat you at darts. Reminiscing can spark feelings that may have been forgotten.

Step 4

Spend time doing things with your boyfriend that he loves. Learn how football works or how to play his favorite video game. Surprise him with your skills when he least expects it.