Birthday Party Ideas for a Winter Birthday

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For anyone with a winter birthday, the lack of nice weather can make it look like there's nothing to do to celebrate the special day. But cold weather brings plenty of opportunity for winter birthday party activities. Participants just need to remember to dress warmly, and parents need to provide adequate supervision for kids outdoors.

Sledding Party

A sledding party is one of the simplest and most enjoyable winter birthday party activities. A sledding party as a local sledding hill or lodge provides both an indoor space for opening presents, eating cake and enjoying warm drinks, and a snowy hill for sledding.

The only supplies needed are the sleds, which kids can bring from home or parents can buy. Inexpensive plastic saucer sleds are fast and lightweight, while more avid sledders can use sleds like traditional wooden toboggans that multiple riders can use at the same time.

Snow Contests

For younger kids, or when there isn't a sledding hill nearby, a winter birthday can include a series of snow contests brought together as the Birthday Winter Olympics. Kids can compete in a snowball fight, igloo-building contest, snowman-building contest, snow races and snow angel competition. Parents can act as judges, or the birthday celebrant can weigh in, with prizes for the winners.

Besides a healthy snowfall, some of the items needed for a birthday party with snow contests may include old clothes for dressing snowmen, road cones for marking out race lanes and shovels or sand pails for making igloos.

Craft Parties

Instead of taking kids outside to enjoy the winter, an indoor winter party featuring craft projects is a warmer, more comfortable approach to a winter birthday. Classic winter crafts like making folded paper snowflakes should be on the list of activities, along with more active crafts like homemade snow globes built from recycled water bottles, glitter and small plastic figurines. Kids can also paint winter scenes, or produce holiday cards if the party takes place early in the season.

Winter Sports

For older kids or adults, a winter sports birthday may be the best way to take advantage of a winter birthday's calendar position. Large groups may be able to rent a bus or get a group discount at a local ski hill. An outdoor winter birthday party can also be a time to introduce friends and family to a winter activity like snowshoeing or ice fishing.

Snowmobiling is another option, and it can be set up as a poker run. Participants ride from home to home, opening gifts at one person's house and eating a meal or enjoying cake at another. At each stop, each rider selects a card from a common deck. After at least five stops, the players compare their hands, according to poker values. The winner gets a prize.