Beauty Tips for Sixth Graders

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Sixth-grade girls are still so young and fresh-faced, they barely need beauty tips at all. Just beginning adolescence, the harsh realities of acne and the necessity of a strict skin care regimen haven't quite hit home yet. However, if you teach your teen girl a few tips and tricks on skin care and how to keep it light with cosmetics, she might never have to endure the horrors that can accompany teen skin.

Wash Up Frequently

One of the mistakes younger girls make, particularly around sixth grade when they become more social than ever before, is skipping cleansing routines for their faces. This is when skin can start to look duller and acne problems persist. Encourage your sixth grader to wash her face thoroughly each morning before heading out the door and each evening before heading to bed. If she spent the day getting sweaty, a cleansing right after school wouldn't hurt either.

Skip the Face Makeup

Sixth graders are often accused of trying to grow up much too fast. If this is the case for the teen in your life, you might want to put the brakes on when it comes to face makeup. Sixth-grade girls shouldn't mar their youthful skin by caking on foundation, powder or other unnecessary facial products. They don't need it and it can cause outbreaks.

Favor Gloss Over Sticks

Sixth-grade girls are still fairly young and therefore don't need to wear bright lipsticks to school or on jaunts with their friends. Encourage your young one to wear lip gloss, which is not only more age-appropriate, but emphasizes the beautiful natural hue of her lips. Moreover, she can experiment with colors, glitters and various glossy embellishments, which is something actual lipstick choices don't generally offer.

No Eye Makeup

Sixth-grade girls don't need eye makeup anymore than they need to slosh on the foundation. For special occasions only, a light eye shadow might be in order. But definitely skip the mascara -- which can weigh down her still growing eyelashes -- and the eyeliner. The latter will add age to your sixth grader, which could result in her being approached by much older teens, boys in particular.