How to Be Interesting

How to Be Interesting. Everyone wants to be the most interesting person in the room. Interesting people have a certain magnetism and most people enjoy their company, even if they are a little envious. You may think that being that person is hopelessly beyond your reach, but it's simply not the case. Become the interesting person that everyone wants to chat with at a cocktail party.

Step 1

Become an engaging speaker. Conversations should convey the same lively enthusiasm you have about your life and interests. Adopting a casual, easygoing demeanor in conversation leaves people thinking you're interesting and charming.

Step 2

Stay informed from a variety of sources. Read magazine or journal articles and keep up with current affairs and world events. Know what's going on in the world, talk about obscure facts about interesting subjects.

Step 3

Get an interesting job. Work in media, the arts, or at a major cultural institution that people can identify. Share details about experiences in your exciting profession, no matter what the job.

Step 4

Travel abroad to exotic locations. Cruise the seven seas and bring home stories about the people and experiences outside your country. Return to an ancestoral homeland and make meaningful connections with your personal history.

Step 5

Volunteer at the local nature center or become a docent at the local art or history museum. Bring awareness about the organization's mission, activities and special events to your community.

Step 6

Examine your interests and hobbies. If you don't have one, start doing something that interests you or keeps your attention. The hobby doesn't have to be something amazing or unique, just something you feel passionately about.