Baby Shower Footprint Theme Cake Ideas

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A footprint theme is a common choice for baby showers. This theme works for both boys and girls and is an especially easy choice if the parents don’t yet know the sex of the baby. In addition to placing footprints on the invitations and other shower decorations, you can also make a footprint-themed cake to provide a sweet ending to your baby shower.


Baby booties are a natural compliment to the footprint theme at a baby shower. A pair of edible booties can be crafted from fondant or shaped with three cupcakes. Use one whole cupcake for the front of each bootie and half of a second cupcake for the back of the bootie. This design looks best with the booties perched atop a two-tier or three-tier cake. Cut additional footprint shapes from fondant and affix them to the sides of each tier. The footprints can sit side by side, or ascend the cake toward the booties on top.

Footprint Cookies

You can purchase cookie cutters in the shape of baby footprints at specialty cooking stores. Cut several sugar cookies into the shape of footprints. Set two of these side by side atop a single-layer rectangular or round cake. If you have a smaller cookie cutter, you can also use these cookies along the edges of a multi-tiered cake. For a single-serving baby shower dessert, use the cookie cutter to shape individual cupcakes into small footprints and provide one or two cupcakes for each guest.

Footprint Cake

An unmistakable way to get the footprint theme across is to bake the entire cake in the shape of a footprint. Begin with a basic rectangular cake. When the cake is finished, let it cool and place it in the freezer for an hour or two. The frozen cake will be easier to work with. Cut the cake into the shape of a footprint, minus the toes. For the toes, use cupcakes or cut the excess cake pieces into circles using a cookie cutter to get the perfect shape. Use a smooth layer of icing to make sure that the shape of the cake isn’t obscured. Avoid excessive embellishments, especially around the edges, that will take away from this simple design.